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11th May 2018

Installing Decking

The image beside shows a work in progress of installing decking, we received the call for a customer that wanted decking installing within Dalton. We started off by clearing the to wake way for the decking to be installed. Then we got to work on planning the layout and the dimensions for the decking working with the customer to make sure it is to their specification. Then we worked from the plan and started to install the decking.

4th May 2018

Paving Installation

On the 4th of May we finished installing paving and steps of one of our customers back garden. We first started of by removing the previous paving and steps to make way for laying the new paving, once we have removed the old paving we made sure the ground was level by filling in holes and flattening out the ground. Once the ground was level we then started to lay the new paving, once the new paving was installed and laid out and our customer was happy, then to finalise we gave the new paving a power wash to remove all access dirt laying around from our work.

23rd Apr 2018

Repaving Customers Backyard

On the 23rd of April we started working on a customers backyard, the customer wanted the full backyard repaved. The customer picked the paving they wanted so first we started to remove the old paving from the backyard. Then we started to level out the ground making sure the paving would be level and ready to lay, after we have leveled out the ground that is when we started to lay the new paving. Finally once the paving was laid we made sure everything was in place and level. After we had finished the customer was impressed by our work.

9th Mar 2018

Artificial Turf Installation

We received the phone call asking for an artificial turf installation, so we got to work planning out the installation of the artificial turf working on how much we would need and the length of the area we were laying the artificial turf. The artificial turf we were installing was replacing real grass, so we had to then dig out the real grass to make way for the artificial turf. Once we have dug out the grass and soil we then cleared the area and started to lay the artificial turf. After we have laid the artificial turf we made sure everything was final and everything was happy with the customer.

2nd Nov 2017

Installing Paving & Artificial Turf

We started this job out by working with our customer by planning our the layout of the paving and the artificial turf find out where each parted wanted to by laid. Once we worked out the final layout that is when we started the project, by flattening and leveling the ground making it suitable for for the paving and the artificial turf. Once the ground was level we then started laying down the paving using the planned layout to make sure everything was in the correct place, once the paving was installed we then installed the artificial turf. Once the project was finished we then cleaned up, brushing and washing the new paving, our customer was really happy with our work we had finished for them.

29th Sep 2017

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