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Artificial Turf

Our range of artificial turf offers an immaculate lawn at all times of the year, without the need for maintenance which is required for real grass. We guarantee that it won’t compromise on the look or texture of the turf. With artificial grass, your lawn will look fantastic at all times no matter what the weather.

So why are so many people turning to artificial turf, put quite simply it’s due to the many advantages. From saving money to saving valuable time, especially on garden maintenance, and it can also improve lifestyle and help with environmental issues.

There are many benefits to choosing artificial turf over real grass, some of these benefits include:

With so many artificial turf products available on today’s market, it’s important for you to have the option to see and feel these for yourself before deciding on which type to go for. Here at Steve Forrest Landscapes, were more than happy to advise on the pros and cons of each type but can also provide samples so that you can see the real thing before choosing your new lawn. Contact us today to discuss your options.

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